Virginia Septic System Inspection

There is no Virginia law or regulation that requires septic systems or wells to be inspected at the time real property is bought or sold. However, Virginia law does require an owner to disclose if the house is served by a septic system and provide the purchaser with system specifications and maintenance requirements. In most cases, purchasers and lenders will require inspection and certification of proper septic system function.

Alternative onsite septic systems in Virginia require annual inspection by an NSF-certified or nationally credentialed inspector. While inspection of a septic tank, related equipment, piping and absorption area is recommended, but not legally required, septic tank pumping is required every five years in most counties.

Inspection of your septic system can include septic system testing with loading and dye tests, invasive inspection, septic tank pumping, distribution box examination, drain field inspection, capacity evaluation, and a detailed account of the condition of the existing septic system or onsite waste disposal systems and equipment.

The Virginia Department of Health uses three inspection benchmarks: Safe, Adequate and Proper. A certified inspector verifies the system was permitted by the health department, installed by a licensed contractor, inspected and approved.

A mandatory disclosure statement tells the buyer the seller makes no promise regarding the condition of the property. So buyers need professional inspections.

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