VA Well Water Testing

Increasing population, flooding, environmental disasters and emerging contaminants increasingly threaten our fragile water supply. An SES well inspection, whether for your own peace of mind or to meet real estate financing conditions, offers vital assurance that your private water source is healthy, your well is functioning properly and, with recommended maintenance services, it will continue to perform uninterrupted.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for our safe public water supply, but not for private wells, although it recommends testing private wells every three years for potential contaminants. While federal law only requires a coliform bacteria test for well water, local ordinances may mandate additional chemical analysis for well approval, especially if you live in a protected watershed. Most financing, including refinancing, is contingent on meeting certain terms. Consult your real estate contract, lender requirements and loan guidelines for specific conditions before ordering a well or septic inspection.

SES offers both a standard and a comprehensive well inspection by our licensed, certified professionals. Think of it this way: Why have a mechanic or dealership perform a bumper-to-bumper evaluation when you really just need an annual car inspection?

Your final report will indicate if there are issues needing attention or if your well is fully functional and your water quality meets all stated legal and financing requirements. Following analysis, we’ll make recommendations for needed service and discuss your water treatment options. Trust SES for well water inspection services that protect your investment, your family and the environment.

Since 1987 our dedicated professionals have performed thousands of well installations and inspections, working with Virginia property owners to meet their legal and financing requirements. Contact SES today to schedule the well inspection that is right for your needs.

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