Septic System Installation

If your home, business, or community has no access to a municipal sewer plant, then a septic system collects, treats, and disposes of your wastewater. This system requires an underground septic tank with a soil absorption area or an alternative waste treatment system.

The accredited, licensed professionals at SES have installed individual, commercial, and community onsite septic systems throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware for over 26 years. Our experienced installation crews and foremen, properly licensed for alternative and conventional septic systems, are known as some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the region.

Our design/build process ensures you are appropriately represented in required construction inspections, health department certification, and operations permitting. SES takes care of these, handing you a valid operations permit for your new system two weeks before your scheduled closing. We guarantee it, or your first year of operations and maintenance is free.

Working with a professional is essential to ensure proper septic system design and installation. It is a complicated, highly regulated process. Incorrectly installed systems can cause extensive damage requiring extremely expensive repairs. Your installation labor cost, often more expensive than the actual septic tank, is a worthwhile investment in the long-term health of your septic waste and well water systems.

Septic system installation costs vary depending on the installer, the tank type and capacity, and specific land and soil issues. Following completion of a soil study, comprehensive system design, and permit acquisition, septic system installation can begin.

SES construction labor crews provide tree and light vegetation removal and excavation. We also perform necessary land erosion and stormwater management services, including temporary sediment control with silt fencing. We enclose septic areas with blaze orange safety fencing to prevent access and protect them from compaction by construction traffic. This safety barrier is maintained until your property is landscaped and all construction activity is complete.

At SES, our people are our difference. Contact the trusted professionals at SES for state-of-the-art septic system installations and related construction labor work.

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