Northern Virginia Well Water Testing – Is It Safe To Drink?

Is your well water safe to drink?

EPA regulations protect the public water supply but do not extend to privately owned wells. Over one million homes in Virginia rely on private well water. Of those, 92 percent also have a septic system. The Virginia Department of Health urges well owners to be “vigilant about threats to their water supply.”

Common issues with well water come from many sources, including malfunctioning septic systems, industrial and manufacturing plants, agriculture, plastics and toxic materials, leaks from underground storage tanks and oil spills; road salt; and a cocktail of natural and synthetic VOC chemicals.

The EPA recommends well water quality indicator testing for nitrate, coliform and fecal coliform bacteria, organic chemicals, and heavy metals annually or if contamination is suspected. Testing for lead, arsenic, radon, mercury, radium, atrazine, and pesticides may be recommended based on local watershed factors.

Your individual behavior can have a significant impact on your well and local groundwater quality. Enlightened conservation efforts, informed purchasing of potentially harmful consumer products, and proper recycling of hazardous materials goes a long way toward protecting this most precious resource.

There was a time when, other than when buying a home, most people rarely think about well water testing. With the internet and constant news about climate change and flooding, accidental environmental catastrophes and illegal toxic waste disposal, we are all too aware of our fragile water supply.

SES can help you manage and maintain your vital well water supply. Since 1987, SES has served the needs of thousands of clients in Northern Virginia. Trust the licensed, certified, hard-working professionals at SES for well water and septic system services that provide you with peace of mind while protecting your investment, your family and the environment.

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