Annual Septic System Inspection

Annual septic system inspections ensure proper system functioning and detect changes that affect the safe operation of home wastewater removal and treatment equipment. Since the working components of most septic systems are underground, the typical inspection can present a challenge.

For 26 years SES has performed septic system inspections for homeowners, realtors, builders, business owners, property managers, and architects with a common bond – they trust the accredited professionals at SES to meet the challenge head-on with confident design, maintenance, and inspection of onsite septic systems. At SES, our people are our difference. We take pride in providing our clients with professional septic system inspections and services. We give them peace of mind by protecting their families, investments, and the environment.

Inspections by a fully licensed and accredited SES septic system inspector may include:

Review of septic system records,
Septic tank capacity sizing,
Sludge level measurement,
Septic and drain line inspection,
Treatment tank riser lid and baffle testing,
Absorption area liquid level probe,
Soil suitability testing,
Drainage field testing, or
Hydraulic load testing
Preventive septic inspections help avoid expensive emergencies and serve as a key indicator for contamination of underground water sources. To protect the groundwater supply a septic inspection certification is required for all real estate transactions and to apply for building permits. Additionally, alternative septic systems must be inspected annually by a licensed operator or owners face penalties.

While a positive inspection report gives no guarantee, it does provide a snapshot of septic system health, and detects defects and wear that may otherwise go unnoticed until a catastrophic failure.

Your septic system is part of the critical infrastructure that serves your home. If regular maintenance is neglected, your home footprint grows but your septic system doesn’t, or changes in the environment affect septic waste processing, your system lifespan can be drastically reduced. Replacement costs after septic system failure range from $5,000 to $50,000 depending on the soil, the demands on the system, and local market conditions.

Contact SES for professional septic system inspections, and state-of-the-art water and wastewater system services.

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