Why Septic Systems Malfunction

Typically a septic system malfunction is caused by improper maintenance or because of the way the system is operated. The good news is that a state of Virginia certified septic system company such as SES can fix these issues to bring the septic system back into compliance the state of Virginia requires. With proper care properly and look at occasional upgrades for your septic system, the system should have the ability to work for decades and continue to protect you as well as the public health and the environment. Some reasons for a malfunction that we have seen over the years in the State of Virginia include:

  • There could be a household water leak or there may be excess water use that can often time’s help to overload your septic tank system.
  • If you have had any modifications in your properties landscaping that includes: a portion of the system being paved over, or crushed, may have caused damages to a portion of the system.
  • If you have recently changed the position of downspouts, rain gutters, and or perhaps you have paved areas that are now draining excess water into the area where your septic system is located.
  • The biggest reason for failure is the improper maintenance of the system including: pumping the septic tank to remove excess sludge and scum.

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