When Should You Test The Water In Your Northern Virginia Home?

When buying a home in the Washington DC or Northern Virginia area you may be required to complete well water testing before securing a mortgage, but is that the only time it is necessary? Probably not. Well water is more than simply a source of hydration, it also is used throughout your home for a variety of activities and great care should be taken to ensure its safety and quality.

The first indication that a professional well water testing company should test your well water is a foul odor or visible contamination of the water. Obviously, well water should be mostly odorless and color-free, although a faint mineral smell may be present. In some cases, a “rotten egg smell” – or sulfur – may be present and while it is unpleasant to the nose, it typically is not harmful when ingested. But, to be safe, a professional well water testing company can eliminate all doubts you may have about the safety of your well water.

When reoccurring gastrointestinal illnesses are present in members of your family or houseguests, your well water should be tested. Possible causes of such issues may include high levels of coliform, bacteria, nitrate or sulfate in your well water.

Houses with lead pipes, fittings or solder joints should have the well water tested periodically to ensure the water quality is not compromised. However, talk with the well water testing company to ensure the sample is collected appropriately and the plumbing fixtures will not influence the results.

Elevated levels of iron, magnate and copper often lead to what are often called “hard water stains” in sinks, bathtubs and toilets, while other stains may also appear on clothing from the laundry. A water softener with the use of appropriate products typically can correct these levels.

For more information on well water testing and whether or not you should test the well water at your Northern Virginia or Washington DC area home, contact the well water testing professionals at Soils and Environmental Services. Serving all of the Northern Virginia and Washington DC metro area, the well water testing experts at SES can assure you, your water is safe and put your mind at ease.

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