What is Hard Water and What Effect Does it Have on Your Well?

Hard Well Water

Thousands of homes and businesses throughout Northern Virginia rely on groundwater, or wells, as their primary or only source of water. Because groundwater is used every day, it must be protected and tested for such elements as bacteria, pesticide, and total hardness.

Water hardness is groundwater is based on the amount of calcium and magnesium in the water. All water contains a degree of these minerals, but hard water is saturated with such minerals. Water hardness is a natural occurrence that results from the weathering of limestone, sedimentary rock, and calcium-bearing materials. Water is graded on a scale of hardness measured in milligrams per liter. Water hardness levels range from extremely soft to excessively hard; water is considered hard when at least 131 milligrams of calcium and magnesium are present per liter.

Health Effects: Hard Well Water

There are no real health effects that result from drinking or bathing in hard water, but hard water can have an unpleasant, metal-like taste. Hard water is mainly an aesthetic concern that can lead to pipe and fixture damage. To reduce hardness in water, professionals usually use an ion exchange softener that exchanges ions of calcium and magnesium.

More Information: Hard Well Water

For more information on testing your groundwater or well for water hardness, contact Soils and Environmental Services, Inc. The professionals at Soils and Environmental Services, Inc. are well-versed in proper groundwater sampling and hard water remedies. Serving Washington DC and such Northern Virginia communities as Bristow, Broad Run, Manassas, and Aldie since 1987, Soils and Environmental Services, Inc. specializes in designing alternative septic systems and assessing septic tank options for homes, commercial properties, and sub-divisions.

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