Tips for Petroleum Tank Removal in Fairfax VA

You’ve decided your home heating oil tank has to go; how do you go about having a petroleum tank removal in Fairfax VA? Here are five things you should do right away.

  1. Notify the oil supplier, and ask them to discontinue the oil service to your home.
  2. Obtain a licensed and certified contractor like SES to do the tank closure and removal for you.
  3. Confirm with the contractor that all necessary permits have been obtained before any work begins.
  4. After the tank is emptied and removed, confirm that all piping – including the tank fill line – should be disconnected, drained, and removed, or capped, if it cannot be removed.
  5. If there is a leak discovered, contact the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) within 24 hours. There is a fund that can help pay for the clean-up.

For more information on for petroleum tank removal in Fairfax, VA, or to discuss other solutions to an oil tank on your property including petroleum tank removal, contact SES. Serving Fairfax VA, the rest of Northern Virginia and Washington DC residential and commercial markets since 1987, SES specializes in testing and safely removing above- and below-ground petroleum tanks.

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