Symptoms of a Septic Issue

If you have neglected to keep track of septic cleanings or you just have no idea when it was last pumped because you are a new owner, keep your eyes out for the tell tale signs of a septic emergency.

Outdoor signs

  • Soft, soggy yard over tank
  • Foul odor in close proximity to home
  • Animals paying unusual amount attention to your yard
  • Visible sludge

Indoor signs

  • Slow drains
  • Water backup
  • Clogging toilets

If you have waited to the point of noticing the indoor signs, you need to make a phone call right away. If you can catch it from noticing the soft yard, you will likely be able to get through the next cleaning with a normal tank pumping. Much after that, you may be looking at some repairs and extreme cleaning to recover the yard and house from the septic backup.

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