Swimming Pools and Septic Tanks in Loudoun County VA

Swimming pools and septic tanks should not be in close proximity in Loudoun County VA. When swimming pools are on top of – or too close to – a septic field, it could cause damage to the drainfield, and reduce the ability of the drainfield to absorb effluent. It could also redirect water onto and flood the drainfield, and even cause the drainfield effluent to leak out to the ground surface around the swimming pool. There are some of things you should avoid when installing a swimming pool near a septic system in Loudoun County, VA.

  • Avoid septic damage from pool construction process: keep excavation machines and other trucks and vehicle traffic well away from the septic field.
  • Avoid a pool excavation which redirects ground water or septic effluent.
  • Avoid an above ground pool which directs surface runoff onto a septic field; it could cause flooding of the septic field.
  • Do not empty swimming pools or backwash pool filters onto a septic drainfield. The pool drainage and/or filter backwash also need to be directed away from the septic system.
  • Never put a pool on top of a septic drainfield or mound.
  • Avoid locating a pool 25 feet or more from the nearest portion of the septic mound or drainfield.

Homeowners with septic tanks in Loudoun County VA should contact the experts at SES for information and help with ensuring that their future swimming pools don’t interfere with their current septic system.

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