Septic Tanks in Loudoun County: Don’t Flush the Wipes

Homeowners with septic tanks in Loudoun County need to be aware that “flushable” wipes should not flushed into your septic system. Instead of flushing the wipes, it’s recommended that these are disposed of in the trash.

These wipes have created some serious issues in septic tanks across Loudoun County and elsewhere. Research has shown that these wipes do not break down easily, and some not at all. These wet wipes have alcohol and other ingredients that can kill the enzymes and bacteria in septic tanks in Loudoun County, which prevents the breakdown of solid waste.

When “flushable” wipes are put in the septic system, homeowners in Loudoun County will need to have their tanks pumped more often. There may also have problems with clogged leach fields.

The problems don’t just end with the consumer; these wipes have also caused blockages in pump truck hoses. For homes without septic tanks in Loudoun County, their sewage treatment plants are reporting a significant problem as well.

For more information on septic tanks in Loudoun County, septic system maintenance and leach fields, contact the experts at Soils and Environmental Services. Serving the Loudoun County, the rest of Northern Virginia and Washington DC residential and commercial markets since 1987, Soils and Environmental Services, Inc. specializes in designing alternative septic systems and assessing septic tank options for homes, commercial properties, and sub-divisions.

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