Septic System Tips

For systems that are properly designed and constructed, it is much easier then you might think to avoid malfunctions. At SES we have 4 simple steps that you should follow.

  1. Do all you can to avoid using excess water! This is perhaps the biggest reason for septic system malfunction. Keep in mind that soil under the septic system must absorb all of the water used in your home. You might wish to stagger loads of laundry to one per day and also timing baths during the day.
  2. Be careful working on your landscape. Your septic system is buried just beneath the ground surface and can be damaged if trucks and cars drive over or are parked on top. You should not pave over your system. A small paved portion of the system can damage it, leading to a malfunction. Do not direct excess water from drain spouts etc over where your septic tank system is located
  3. At SES we recommend that you install risers and inspection ports, this will help you to quickly and frequently inspect, small inspection ports. These should be installed at the end of each lateral line. If you were to extend the inspection ports up to the ground surface they can still mowed over, while providing easy access to check for ponding in a lateral, which is a sign of a malfunction. Also risers over the lid of a septic tank system will make it easier to inspect and pump a septic tank system.
  4. Most importantly regular professional inspection is necessary. Each year a quick inspection of the lateral lines can reveal possible problems.

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