Septic System Maintenance: Say No to ‘Flushable’ Wipes

Even with regular septic system maintenance at your Northern Virginia home, you should not flush those “flushable” wipes down the toilet. And here’s why.

According to research conducted by multiple universities and Consumer Reports, those “flushable” wipes just don’t break down – in your septic system, or in municipal sewage systems. It’s just like flushing diapers or feminine sanitary products down your toilet – and we know you wouldn’t do that.

The “flushable” wipes can plug up the sewer line between the house and tank, and build up at the inlet of the septic tank. That will cause your septic systems to back up into the house.

Furthermore, as the wipes accumulate in the septic tank, solids in your tank can’t be separated from the water, which prevents the water from discharging like it should, into your leach area.

An aeration system isn’t going to help you, either, if you flush those wipes. The wipes will build up on the air distribution equipment and cause failures. The antibacterial agents in the wipes can also harm the helpful bacteria needed in your septic tank.

Those “flushable” wipes are also costing taxpayers millions to have them removed from municipal waste systems. In 2012 alone, NYC taxpayers footed an $18 million bill for the removal of “flushable” wipes from the system.

And if you choose to flush the “flushable” wipes down your toilet, you will find that you could be paying to replace your entire septic system. So, if you absolutely have to use “flushable” wipes – don’t flush them. Put them in the trash, like you would diapers or feminine sanitary products.

For more information about septic system maintenance in Northern Virginia, or to schedule an appointment for a septic system inspection, please contact the experts at SES Mid Atlantic LLC. Serving all of Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for almost three decades, our skilled team can protect your home and your family from septic system failure.

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