Protect Your Septic System And Extend Septic Tank Life

Keeping a Northern Virginia septic tank working effectively and efficiently as long as possible is important to many homeowners throughout the Warrenton VA area. Even if you do not let things go to the point of complete septic system failure, replacing a broken septic system is an expense you are likely not interested in either. The expense and the inconvenience will are not worth it when a few simple procedures can eliminate the worry.

Use these tips to keep your Northern Virginia septic tank working properly and avoid replacing it in the future.

  • Limit the amount of water that drains to the septic system area. Point downspouts away from the septic tank area, and never add unnecessary water to the area from activities like washing vehicles or watering the grass. While this does not mean you should have a dead spot in the middle of your property, use discretion and do not over-water the area.
  • Avoid putting chemicals such as cleaning agents down the drain, which will eventually lead to your septic tank. These chemicals can kill the good bacteria needed to break the solid waste down, and will impede the process of waste conversion into a harmless substance.
  • Use septic tank additives regularly to ensure the good bacteria is alive and well, keeping your septic tank properly functioning. These additives are available at most hardware and home improvement stores, or just give us a call at SES for a local recommendation.
  • Know what to look for and call for help at the first sign of septic tank problems. If you see standing water on the septic tank or smell a foul odor in your home, give us a call and we can remedy the problem – hopefully before it becomes a much bigger problem.

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