Petroleum Tank Removal in Northern Virginia: Replace with a Plastic Tank?

Considering petroleum tank removal in Northern Virginia? Some homeowners are replacing their steel tank with a plastic one.

Chances are that you have a steel petroleum tank. The problem with these steel tanks is that the steel can rust and leave ferrite sludge (rust) in the bottom of the tank. That sludge clogs filters and fills the bottom of the tank. The tapping, where oil leaves the tank to go to the burner, is at the bottom of the tank — right where the highest concentration of sludge can develop. In addition, the legs of the steel tank can rust and give out, causing a costly oil spill and environmental clean up.

Enter polyethylene double-wall petroleum storage tanks. These are a polyethylene (plastic) tank inside of a galvanized-steel outer shell. Both shells are pressure-tested and liquid-tight. The polyethylene tanks do not rust. The outer shell is tough enough to withstand impact from outside and treated to withstand corrosion from aggressive salt air. There is also a leak-detection device that activates should either tank begin to leak. And the tapping for the oil to leave the tank is up off the bottom so oil sludge won’t clog filters.

These plastic tanks have been used in Europe for the last 45 years, and have in recent years been approved for use in the US. These plastic tanks are easier to install, and take up less square footage than the older 275 gallon steel petroleum tanks. These can also be piped together, creating a tank chain if you will, to handle larger storage needs.

While these plastic tanks cost more than steel tanks, they also have a much greater life expectancy, and are highly unlikely to cause expensive spills.

For more information on for petroleum tank removal in Northern Virginia, or to discuss other solutions to a petroleum tank on your property, please contact SES Mid Atlantic LLC. Serving Northern Virginia and Washington DC residential and commercial markets since 1987, SES Mid Atlantic LLC, specializes in testing and safely removing above- and below-ground petroleum tanks.

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