Petroleum Tank Inspection in Fairfax VA: Petroleum Tank Checklist for Homeowners

If you are new to having a petroleum tank for home heating oil, you should know that it’s important to have a petroleum tank inspection in Fairfax VA.

In addition to yearly petroleum tank inspections in Fairfax VA, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (also known as the Virginia DEQ) recommends that homeowners with petroleum tanks review and use the following checklist to help ensure the safety and reliability of their petroleum tank.

  1. ___ Check fuel use (an increase may indicate a tank or line leak). Watch deliveries to prevent spills/overfills. Keep track of your oil consumption (note any sudden, unexplained change).
  2. ___ Check for water in the tank (record measurement, if taken).
  3. ___ Check oil/water separator (if present), newer models are metal, older are glass (which can shatter during freezing temperatures), drain if needed. If you are unsure, talk to your heating professional.
  4. ___ Any signs of unexplained dead or withered vegetation in area?
  5. ___ Is vent line clear?
  6. ___ Is fill gauge (if one is installed) functioning?
  7. ___ Is overfill whistle (if one is installed) functioning?
  8. ___ Any signs of spills or overfills around the fill pipe or vent lines?
  9. ___ Any problems with the operation of the furnace?
  10. ___ Check the fill cap (if damaged/missing, replace immediately, oil can overflow if too much water enters tank.)
  11. ___ If tank is aboveground, check the entire tank surface (rust, dents, etc.) for damage.
  12. ___ If tank is aboveground, check tank support (is it sturdy/solid?).
  13. ___ Check all pipeline connections and bungs (if visible).
  14. ___ Are there any petroleum vapors in basement/crawlspace? (If vapors are present, call DEQ.)
  15. ___ Check sump pump or floor drain (if present), petroleum odors? signs of petroleum? Call DEQ immediately if oil or vapors are detected.
  16. ___ Look for any signs of oil (odors, sheens on water surfaces, visible puddles of oil, etc.) on property. If oil is found, notify DEQ immediately.

If you notice that there is a problem with any of the checklist items, or if you want to schedule a petroleum tank inspection in Fairfax VA, please contact SES. Serving Fairfax VA, Northern Virginia and Washington DC since 1987, SES specializes in inspecting, testing and safely removing and replacing above and below-ground oil tanks.

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