Legal and Financial Ramifications of Ignoring Septic System Maintenance in Loudoun County VA

Home and business owners who neglect septic system maintenance and repair could find themselves paying huge fines and legal settlements.

For instance the owner of a nursing home and daycare center in Massachusetts is paying $50,000 to settle allegations with that Commonwealth that she failed to repair and upgrade the deteriorating septic system serving both facilities. According to a press release, the lawsuit was brought by the Attorney General, and alleged that the owner knew for years that the septic system serving the 92-bed nursing home and day care center did not comply with environmental laws. The suit also alleged that in early January 2014, the septic system discharged untreated sewage to walkways and a parking lot, all of which are adjacent to a playground and an entrance to the day care. In addition to the settlement, the owner agreed to put in a new, modern wastewater treatment system on her property by the end of 2016.

The Virginia Department of Health and the Loudoun County Department of Health have also either brought suit or issued fines for system failures due to neglected septic system maintenance.

Effect on July 1, 2012, septic system maintenance (including pump outs) are required by law in Loudoun County VA. Home and business owners who haven’t had a septic system pump out since that date, must have that completed before the July 1, 2017 deadline.

To confirm compliance with the pump out requirements, your licensed operator from SES Mid Atlantic LLC will enter your septic system’s pump-out information into an online database, which notifies the Health Department that your tank has been pumped. When the five year anniversary approaches from your last pump-out, you’ll be notified by the county health department. However, if you should need septic system pump outs at your home or business before the five year period, you should go ahead and have that done (and that will be documented accordingly).

Please note that owners of alternative onsite septic systems must have their system inspected and those results reported to VDH at least once per year, and operated and maintained in proper mechanical condition to perform as designed.

For more information on septic system maintenance in Loudoun County, VA, please contact SES Mid Atlantic LLC. In addition to being a licensed operator in Loudoun (and other counties in Northern Virginia), SES is one of only three businesses to be licensed as a Responsible Management Entity. Loudoun County Virginia was the first in the Nation to establish requirements for an RME based on EPA recommendations. SES manages several communities required to have an RME.

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