Know What to Look For When Your Septic System Begins To Fail

The septic system in your Fairfax County VA home begins to fail, you will be better off if you can recognize the symptoms before it is a problem. Since septic systems function as a small wastewater treatment plant, when it fails, you will have a great mess to deal with – and in some cases, a smelly issue as well.

Once the toilet in your Fairfax County VA home is flushed, the water is let out of the sink after washing dishes or your laundry is clean, you probably do not think about what happens to the water that was used. The right answer is, it is flushed (or drained) out of the house and into the septic system. When you have an issue with the septic system, it may not drain properly which can lead to sewage back-ups in your home.

So what are the signs of a failing septic system? Glad you asked:

  • If you find standing water on top of the septic drain field after a heavy rain or snow melt, chances are you have septic system problem. Please do not just assume it is rain or melted snow, it probably is associated with the septic system.
  • The green should NOT be greener over the septic tank or drain field than it is in other places of your Fairfax County VA home. If it is, this is an indication the sewage may be “fertilizing” the grass in that one particular spot a bit too much (meaning too much is leaching out).
  • Sewage odors in the home are a definite indicator of a septic system failure. You should not ever be able to smell – or see! – sewage from any toilet or drain in your house. If you do, contact the professionals at SES immediately. This can pose a serious health risk to everyone in your home.

For more information on septic tanks and septic systems, contact the experts at SES today.

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