Is Your Septic System Failing – Protect Your Northern Virginia Home By Recognizing These Signs

Septic systems should be thought of as individual wastewater treatment plants. Using the soil to treat the wastewater flow, septic systems are usually used in areas that are not connected to a centralized wastewater treatment service – such as “city” sewer. Many homes in rural areas, or even in newly constructed subdivisions with large lots, utilize septic systems for the health of the neighborhood and the environment.

When using a septic system at your home, pay attention to everything that goes down the drain. Most contractors will tell you homes with septic systems should not have garbage disposals or dishwashers because of the particulate matter carried to the septic system through the drain when these appliances are used. If you choose to install these appliances and use a septic system, always consider everything you put down the drain – it eventually ends up in the ground and in your water supply.

Taking proper care of your septic system will decrease the amount of time and money spent on septic system repairs in the future. When failing, a septic system causes serious health concerns for your family and all those around your home. Forward-thinking homeowners also realize the disadvantage it puts them at when it comes time to sell the home; new homeowners will be responsible for repairing the failing septic system and will likely reduce their purchase price by at least the amount needed for septic system repairs.

When you see standing water on top of the septic system – especially after a rain shower – you should have your septic system inspected quickly. Chases are great the water you see is not simply rainwater, but instead is the result of a sewage issue.

Is the grass green on the other side? Actually, if it is greener on top of your drain field – and nowhere else – this is typically an indication of septic system issues. It can be assumed your septic system is providing too much “fertilizer” in that one particular are of the lawn.

The septic system experts at Soils and Environmental Services can help you avoid septic system failures and the resulting trouble. Serving residential and commercial markets since 1987, SES specializes in septic tank design and repairs throughout all of Northern Virginia.

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