Homebuyers: Real Estate Septic Inspections in Gainesville VA

Considering buying a home with a septic tank? While there is no Virginia law requiring septic systems or wells to be inspected at the time real property is bought or sold, your mortgage company will require real estate septic inspections in Gainesville VA. If you are buying your home without a mortgage, you should still obtain a septic inspection.

According to law, the seller should have had their septic tank pumped out every five years. (You will want to see a record of that before you purchase the home.) However, an inspection is not required by law.

Usually, the buyer pays for the real estate septic inspection in Gainesville VA, and the seller pays for any repairs that may be discovered. You’ll want to be sure that the inspector is an NSF-certified or other nationally recognized certified inspector. County health departments sometimes keep lists of certified inspectors.

Need a real estate septic tank inspection in Gainesville VA? Please contact SES. SES inspectors hold NSF and other certifications, have more experience than anyone in our industry, and understand the real estate transaction process from contract to closing. We work with the most demanding lenders and clients. We are experts in all State and local ordinances as well as FHA and VA requirements.

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