Get a Petroleum Tank Inspection before the Northern Virginia Winter Begins

The home heating season begins soon, and you should get a petroleum tank inspection at your Northern Virginia home before your first oil delivery of the season.

The petroleum tank inspection should look for leaks in the tank, fuel delivery and vent lines, valves, supply and return lines and all fittings.

Also, the vent pipe should be inspected often to ensure that it is free of obstructions and that an audible signal (whistle) is on the vent. (Oil company personnel listen for the whistle to help avoid overfills.)

If a petroleum tank inspection reveals some corrosion in underground tank parts at your Northern Virginia home, consider replacing oil lines (supply, return, fillor vent) that are buried underground, or located under concrete, such as basement floors, before they leak.

Even the best cared for petroleum tank will eventually fail with age. If you petroleum tank inspection reveals corrosion in your tank, and the tank is 15 years old or more, your tank should be replaced.

For more information on a petroleum tank inspection in Northern Virginia, or to discuss other issues with petroleum tank on your property, please contact SES. Serving Northern Virginia and Washington DC since 1987, SES specializes in inspecting, testing and safely removing and replacing above and below-ground oil tanks.

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