Five Tips to Keep Your Northern Virginia Septic Tank Working

A septic tank wastewater system can contaminate ground water, surface water and your yard with nutrients, bacteria and viruses if it isn’t maintained properly and pumped often enough. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your system continues to function properly, safely and without septic odors.

  1. Have your septic system inspected annually.
  2. Pump out your septic tank regularly. Every three to five years is recommended by experts for a three-bedroom house with a 1,000-gallon tank. Smaller tanks should be pumped more often than that. This helps eliminate solids build-up that can clog your leach field.
  3. Do not divert roof drains or basement sump pumps into septic systems. You want to drain as little water into them as possible.
  4. Avoid or reduce the use of your garbage disposal. If you use a garbage disposal, have the tank pumped more frequently.
  5. Don’t use your toilet as a garbage can! If you put lots of stuff down the toilet, you will need to have the tank pumped more often.

If you find your septic system isn’t doing its job, call SES. Based in Warrenton, Virginia, SES offers 24-hour emergency response for septic system malfunctions. We’ve been inspecting, servicing, maintaining and repairing septic systems for residential and commercial customers in Northern Virginia since 1987.

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