Enviro-Loo versus the Composting Toilet: What’s the Difference?

If you have been considering a more environmentally sound way to dispose of human waste, there are two very good options: the Enviro-Loo, and the composting toilet.

The Enviro-Loo is not a composting toilet. An Enviro-Loo treats and stabilizes human waste through dehydration and evaporation. It first of all separates the liquid from the solid waste, and then dries it using airflow and heat. Solids eventually reduce to five to ten percent of their original mass, while liquids — which filter into a drying tray — evaporate completely. Solar-powered fans can be added to increase air-flow through the system. An Enviro-Loo toilet can continue to work even at low temperatures, and shouldn’t need to be emptied for a couple of years.

A composting toilet works much the same way kitchen composting works. Aerobic bacteria within the waste break it down with the help of air, heat and time. Someone does have to stir material regularly, and add materials such as sawdust or popcorn to the solid waste to keep those bacteria at work. The decomposing waste that’s collected needs to be removed every so often (depending on the number of users) and after a year, the waste pathogens are dead, and the resulting human manure (humus) can be used to fertilize plants.

While an Enviro-Loo toilet works with less effort than a composting toilet, both the Enviro-Loo and composting toilets save resources such as water and electricity, and have no negative impact on the ecosystem. These systems work in remote locations such as hunting and fishing cabins, as well as parks, schools, acreages, camps, public buildings.

For more information on Enviro-Loo and composting toilets, contact SES. SES is distributing Clean-up America’s Enviro-Loo (Enviro Loo). Tested in many countries around the world the Enviro-Loo is now available in the United States and Canada through SES Company Inc.

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