Enviro-Loo Toilet Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Enviro-Loo Toilet?

The Enviro-Loo is a new kind of toilet. It separates the liquid and solid wastes, and then dehydrates and evaporates human waste into an inoffensive and harmless material. Since 1993 approximately over 100,000 Enviro-Loos have been installed worldwide.

2. What’s so great about the Enviro-Loo system?

The Enviro-Loo system can support up to 60 estimated uses per day, and does not use water, power, or chemicals. It’s well ventilated, so there’s no odor, and doesn’t attract flies or other pests. There are no environmental or health risks. Although maintenance is minimal, for best results owners should contract with their local Enviro-Loo distributor (SES- Company) to ensure proper maintenance is undertaken. There is no need for expensive sewage treatment plants or infrastructure.

3. What is the Enviro-Loo made of?

The Enviro-Loo is made of black polyethylene plastic. This material helps the unit to develop internal heat that encourages airflow through the unit and out the vent stack. Additionally, the heat, bacteria and oxygen in the air flow destroys the bacterial pathogens and stabilizes the remaining solids.

4. Where can the Enviro-Loo be installed?

The Enviro-Loo can be installed inside or out – and the outside Enviro-Loo toilets can be installed in a day.

5. How many uses per day will the Enviro-Loo accommodate?

The Enviro-Loo toilet will handle a minimum of 7000 uses per year and will evaporate on average twenty uses or more per day.

SES Company recently began distributing Clean-up America’s the Enviro-Loo (Enviro Loo). Tested in many countries around the world the Enviro-Loo is now available in the United States and Canada through SES Company Inc.

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