Does Your Northern Virginia Private Well Have Hard Water?

Hard water is a common water problem in private wells. Regarded as water that contains hardness minerals above 1 grain per gallon (GPG), hard water can be affected by such minerals as calcium and magnesium. The water hardness scale runs from slightly hard (1 to 3.5 GPC), moderately hard (3.5 to 7 GPG), hard (7 to 10.5 GPG) and very hard (10.5 GPG and higher).

Hard water can be used for many household chores, such as watering plants and washing a car. However, indoor use such as washing dishes, bathing, and washing clothes, hard water can produce some undesired effects. Washing dishes with hard water can lead to soap scum, which can be difficult to remove from your glasses and dishware. Soap scum can also be left on your skin after bathing, and can cause skin irritation, bacteria, or even diaper rash. Hard water can lead to an unsavory taste in cooked foods and cloudy ice cubes, while hard water in a water heater can lead to build-up and clogged plumbing, contributing to increased energy bills.

Private wells with hard water can be treated with a chemical or mechanical treatment, such as an ion exchange water softener. For more information on testing and treatment for hard water, contact SES. Based in Warrenton, Virginia, SES has been inspecting, servicing, maintaining, and repairing residential and commercial Northern Virginia septic systems in such areas as Aldie, Vint Hill, and Herndon since 1987.

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