Common Issues with Well Water

If you are a resident of Northern Virginia, chances are your residence may not be serviced by public water. The water supplies in such towns as Fairfax Station, Leesburg, Manassas, and Winchester are drawn from private wells. Like a septic system, the success of well water is heavily dependant on construction and maintenance of the entire system.

To begin with, homeowners are encouraged to periodically check their systems for any physical defects that may lead to improper well water operation or overall water safety. Make sure that the cap to your well is tightly attached. If it is loose go ahead and tighten it. In some cases, the cap may be damaged. Feel free to replace the cap. Issues concerning the casing cap can be handled by the homeowner and do not require follow up from well water professional.

Next it is imperative that the well water electrical system is in working order. All wires should be enclosed and not exposed. If the wires are exposed, check and make sure they are not damaged. Issues with the well water electrical system may be harder to diagnose by a homeowner. Feel free to contact a SES specialist if this is the case.

If you are noticing that your water pressure is low or too high, if your well pump turns on and off continuously, it is more than likely there is an issue concerning the pressure tank. Either draining and re-pressurizing the tank or readjusting the pressure switch can alleviate this. We recommend that only a trained professional perform such actions. Such adjustments are included when our staff performs an inspection of your system. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

Finally, the most important issue concerning well water is poor water quality. Remember: well water IS being drawn from underground. Well water must be properly processed through the system before it is considered safe to use. Impurities, bacteria, and minerals all play a part in the overall quality of your water. Homeowners can avoid high iron content and hard water by installing a water-conditioning unit. Finally, overall disinfecting your system can enhance water quality. SES specializes in all areas concerning well water. If you are thinking about putting a system in or getting your existing system maintained, contact SES to schedule an appointment today!

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