Can You Afford the “Cost” Of Not Replacing Your Warrenton, VA Septic Tank?

Even though homeowners throughout Northern Virginia hope they never have to replace their septic system, it probably will happen at some point – unless of course you take every precaution and maintenance step recommended by professionals. A complete septic system replacement is costly, but you have to force yourself to see beyond the immediate panic of the financial obligation and look at the other “costs” associated with not replacing your septic system.

failing septic system can mean more than just a financial burden, it also can lead to health dangers for everyone in the household. When waste seeps into the ground surrounding your home, as will happen when a septic tank fails, this alone presents a significant health risk. Waste that has not been properly treated may escape your failed septic system and spread serious diseases. Diseases such as dysentery and hepatitis are two examples of health threats that are spread through untreated waste material.

Don’t forget about the chemical based cleaners you use in your household. Each time those cleaning agents are flushed down the drain, they enter the septic system and your septic tank. When the septic tank fails, those chemicals also are released into the ground, and can easily end up in the ground water supply. These chemicals often are dangerous to people, pets and wildlife in the area.

Step back inside your home for a moment and consider the “cost” to you when the septic system fails and you end up with waste coming back into your home through the pipes. The germs and unpleasant smell associated with backed-up raw sewage should be enough to make most Northern Virginia homeowners think twice about ignoring the signs of a failing septic system.

For more information on how to prevent your septic system from failing, contact the area’s leading experts on all things septic tank-related at SES. SES is Northern Virginia’s leading environmental and septic system company.

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