Before the Holidays: Septic Tank Pumping in Northern Virginia

Expecting guests this holiday season? Now is the perfect time to schedule a septic tank pumping if you live in Northern Virginia.

The extra guests and increasing water usage can cause problems with your septic system. And nobody wants to be dealing with septic problems during the holidays. You should schedule a septic tank pumping a few days or weeks before your guests arrive. (Not too close to their arrival, because you want to give the system some time to rest.)

You should also ease the stress on your septic system by staggering and/or reducing the home’s water usage. This means:

  • Asking some guests shower in the morning, and some at night.
  • Taking shorter showers
  • Bathing young children together
  • Avoiding consecutive laundry loads
  • Reminding guests to be careful about what they flush
  • Preparing food early
  • Avoiding use of the garbage disposal
  • Using disposable plates and silverware to avoid running the dishwasher

For more information on septic tank pumping in Northern Virginia or for septic tank inspection services, contact Northern Virginia’s leading septic system experts at SES today. Serving all of Northern Virginia, the professionals at SES are trusted and knowledgeable in their field.

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