Be Aware and Proactive With Buried Oil Tanks on Your Washington DC Property

When selling a home in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area, most homeowners rarely give a second thought to the buried oil tank on their property. It goes with the old saying of “out of sight, out of mind” and since buried oil tanks are typically unseen, it bears to reason it may just stay buried in your mind – until you try to sell your Arlington, VA home.

In the past, the sale of homes with buried oil tanks was not given much thought either. The buyer felt comfortable with the process of decommissioning the buried oil tanks by filling them with sand. Once that was accomplished, the local municipality issued as confirmation document and the buried oil tank wasn’t given another thought.

Fast forward to today. That has changed. Today homebuyers want buried oil tanks removed from the property to prevent liability issues in the future. In fact, some potential homebuyers will immediately cross a property off their list of possibilities in Alexandria, VA as soon as the buried oil tanks are mentioned.

New information has surfaced about buried oil tanks. Studies now show that even though most buried oil tanks in the Washinton DC area are decommissioned, more than half are now leaking residual oil. That is an expense and liability most potential homebuyers are not interested in facing.

To prevent the headache – and the possible loss of a sale – consider oil tank removal instead of decommissioning it. Buried oil tanks are a thing of the past for most homes, and simply ignoring it will not prevent oil tank leaking and the headaches and expenses associated with that.

Contact the buried oil tank removal specialists at SES today for a buried oil tank inspection and recommended plan of action. Serving Washington DC and all of Northern Virginia, including Fauquier CountyPrince William CountyStafford County and Spotsylvania County, the professionally trained staff at SES will ease your mind about your oil tank leaking.

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