Basic Tips on Disinfecting a Bathroom Without Harming Your Septic System

Your Northern Virginia septic system must contain a certain amount of bacterium in order to break down organic matter and keep it working properly. When disinfecting your bathroom, keep in mind that everything that flows from your bathroom ends up in your septic system.

Many cleaning products and disinfectants on the market today are hard to digest and can kill your septic system’s needed bacteria, which can eventually lead to poisoning the bacteria in the soil around your system, causing flooding, odors, and even system failure. Choose proper disinfectants and employ certain cleaning techniques in order to avoid killing beneficial bacteria in your septic tank. Use the following basic tips when disinfecting your bathroom.

  1. Labels on cleaning products are there for a reason. Avoid solvents and products with labels that read “Danger” or “Poisonous.”
  2. Use cleaners in moderation. Using too much solution can overwhelm your septic tank.
  3. Choose cleaners that contain mild detergents, which is often noted on a product’s label. Look for green cleaning products or cleaners that are low in phosphorus.
  4. Keep it simple. Baking soda is an excellent cleaning option, as is a homemade half-water, half-hydrogen peroxide solution.
  5. Avoid using large quantities of bleach. Consider moderate use of oxygen-based bleach as an alternative to standard, harsh chlorine bleach.

Based in Warrenton, Virginia, SES is here to help answer your septic system questions and offers 24-hour emergency response for septic system problems. SES has been inspecting, servicing, maintaining, and repairing residential and commercial Northern Virginia septic systems since 1987.

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