4 Signs There Are Problems with Septic Tanks in Loudoun County VA

Septic Tanks in Loudoun County VA are not easy to repair. That’s why homeowners need to look for and be aware of the 4 signs that septic tanks in Loudoun County VA have problems. There’s not a whole lot of guesswork, though: most of these signs are pretty obvious

  1. Foul odors coming from the septic tank. This is the most common sign that something is wrong. And we’re not talking about a little bit of smell downwind – these foul odors are really noticeable, inside and outside of your home.
  2. Slow draining of the toilets, which gets worse after a hard rain. If drain clearing and plunging doesn’t work, you’ve got a problem with the septic tank. Even worse, your whole septic system may be very close to failing.
  3. The septic tank alarm goes off. Many newer septic tank systems have a built-in alarm that will alert the homeowner of septic tank problems. If your septic tank has an alarm feature, it’s located either inside or outside of the house. When it goes off, it will either flash a red light or emit a beeping noise.
  4. Green Grass is a sneaky sign – because you may not notice it during the spring and summer when all of your grass is green. This sign is much more noticeable in the fall and winter. Greener grass over the drainage field of your septic tank means there is likely a leak within your system. The grass is greener because the leaky septic tank is providing fertilizer to your grass.

If you see any of the above signs of failure in septic tanks in Loudoun County VA, please contact SES. Catching a problem early means an easier and less costly fix to your septic system. For more information, contact SES today. The septic tank experts in Loudoun County VA, SES offers full service septic tank inspection, septic tank maintenance and septic tank installation to keep your home, family and neighborhood safe from the dangers of raw sewage.

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