Septic System Inspections 101 for Bealeton VA Residents

Bealeton VA Septic System Inspection

When you first move to rural Bealeton VA, septic system inspections may seem like an activity that should be left to the experts. But with a little bit of knowledge about septic systems and basic know how, you will be able to confidently go and give your septic system a thorough inspection when required.

How Does A Septic System Work?

In simple terms, a pipe from your house leads to a large 4000L+ tank and a further pipe takes liquid from a second chamber in the tank (separating liquid from solids and scum), and releases it into septic drain field. Bacteria in the tank breaks down solids into liquids to be able to get the waste to eventually exit into the drainfield.

How Often Do You Need To Check The Septic System?

This depends on your personal preference but once a month is a safe option. It only takes a couple minutes to ensure nothing is out of the norm and everything is in good condition. What you are mainly looking for is excess seepage into the surrounding soil, the build up of the scum layer on top getting really thick and that the system is working between the houses and the tank (no blockages).

Emptying The Septic System

Not all waste can get broken down and eventually you will need to empty the system before everything gets clogged up. This may need to happen every couple of years or as few as 20 years between emptying depending on various factors. When you notice your system starting to block up frequently, emptying time is not far away.

To the uninitiated, septic systems may seem like a crazy concept. A Bealeton VA septic system inspection does not need to take a lot of time out of your day once you have the knowledge. Who knows, it might soon be your favorite (and convenient) excuse to get out of the house for a few minutes.

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