Septic System Inspection Issues While Buying And Selling A Middleburg VA Home

Middleburg VA Septic System Inspection

When it comes to buying and selling a Middleburg VA home, septic system inspections can fast become a hot topic. Depending on how much importance you place on the septic tank issue, they may or may not align with the other party which is where troubles can start.

A Septic System Inspection Is Pretty Much Always Required

The owner of the property is the one who is required to upgrade a failing septic system (rare exceptions) which is why a test is always made before the transfer of property.

How Long Are Inspections Valid?

A septic system test is valid for two years; therefore if you are buying or selling a home that has had a test within the last two years there is no requirement for another test to be done. If the buyer wants a test done regardless, this is expected to come out of the buyer’s pocket.

When A Septic System Inspection Is Not Possible

Sometime weather prevents a test from being completed. In this case the buyer and seller will make a written agreement for the test to be completed within six months with the seller responsible for the cost and outcomes.

The Septic System Needs To Be Replaced

If the septic system test results in a failed test, the seller needs to take action to repair the system as needed. If the buyer and seller want to move through with the sale of the property before repairs can be done, they are able to negotiate who is responsible for the repairs with a reduced sale price possible to make up for the need to repair/replace the septic system.

Septic system inspections for Middleburg VA homes for sale are regular practice. The cost is not always low however which is where some people can get nasty. The above is a great guideline to follow and should lead to an amicable resolution.

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