Environmental Impact Of Disregarding Septic System Inspection in Manassas VA

Manassas VA Septic System Inspection

Waste is a fact of life. So often we throw rubbish out or flush the toilet without thinking about what happens to our waste. If you own a home in Manassas VA, septic system inspections may have to be done by yourself but like waste you simply disregard the issue. If you do however, there can be detrimental effects on society and your community won’t make you feel very welcome.

Green House Gases

The busy bacteria substances working hard inside the tank to breakdown the solids can create hydrogen sulfate which is not great for the environment. The other big danger is the phosphate that is produced is kept as a soluble which is prone to stirring high algae blooms and possible releasing toxic cyanobacteria.


When flooding occurs, it is possible that fiberglass or plastic septic systems can be moved from their original positions and the result is damaged pipes and waste entering the regular waterways. The waterways can generally deal with the waste but during times of floods, the water may be stagnant for extended periods of time posing a health risk for those who come into contact with the water as well as the soil getting punished with a bunch of chemicals it was no designed to absorb.


The sludge is broken down by the bacteria in an anaerobic process allowing the harmless effluent produced to seep in to the soil without harm. Sometimes however the sludge builds up to the point where the process cannot keep up and the whole system breaks down and overflow eventually occurs and hazardous soil and airborne diseases can result. The overflow is more likely to happen now with all of the extra waste we pour down the system, such as cooking grease, cleaning products and cooking oils. Septic systems were not designed to deal with these and excess can breakdown the process.

One day in the future, septic system inspections in Manassas VA may be a thing of the past as Governments work to ensure everyone is connecting by the same waste treatment facilities allowing them to monitor any environmental issues closely. In the meantime, be a considerate person and keep up the regular maintenance of your septic system.

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