Ashburn VA Well Water Testing: Bacteria Contamination

Ashburn VA Well Water Test

If you want to know whether your water is contaminated in Ashburn VA, well water testing should start with the most common test for coliform bacteria. Commonly found in soil, plants and surface water, if coliform bacteria are found in your well water, it’s the leading indicator of other contaminants.

While this bacteria itself doesn’t cause disease, you don’t want to drink the water because something else that could cause disease is possibly present. Coliform bacteria indicate possibly more harmful contaminant in your well.

What should you do?

  • Stop drinking your water immediately. If you have no other water source, boil the water for a few minutes or so before using.
  • Look for potential ways that runoff water could have entered the well. Inspect the well casing for potential breeches.
  • Have a reputable, licensed contractor conduct additional well water testing. The most important follow-up test is for fecal coliform, known as E.coli.

E. coli can originate in the intestines of animals and humans. If results show that E. coli is present, this is an indicator that animal or human waste has somehow contaminated your water system. There may be a leak of a nearby septic system or barnyard draining system, as well as problems with the integrity of the well itself.

Once the sources of contamination are determined, the system will need to be repaired and disinfected. Follow-up tests will need to be conducted to make sure that your well water is safe in Ashburn VA. Well water testing is very important to make sure you eliminate any bacterial threats.

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