Do Home Inspectors Check Broad Run VA Septic Tanks?

A septic system inspection is pretty much always needed when it comes to selling and buying a Broad Run VA home. For a successful deal to happen, both the seller and buyer must agree upon when to do the septic tank inspection on the property. The owner of the property is responsible for ensuring that septic system inspection of the property is over before the transfer of ownership. As a matter of fact, septic systems must be inspected on a routine basis, even if they seem to work fine.

How Long Are Septic Inspections Valid?

Remember that a septic system inspection is valid only for two years. So, before buying or selling a home, make sure to check that the property has had a test within the last two years. In such cases, there is no need for another inspection to be done. However, if the buyer still insists on a septic tank inspection, he will have to meet the expenses of such an inspection from his pocket. If septic tank inspection is not possible due to bad weather at the ownership transfer of the property, the buyer and seller will have to enter a written agreement. This agreement ensures that septic tank inspection for the property should be completed within the next six months and that the seller will be responsible for all the costs that inspection brings about.

What If the Septic System Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced?

If your septic system fails to clear the septic tank inspection, the seller will have to make arrangements for repairing or replacing the system before selling it. On the other hand, if both parties need the sale deed to be executed immediately, both can negotiate on the property’s price. For example, the seller can sell it at a cheaper rate with the condition that the buyer will repair or replace the septic tank system. In this case, the seller offers a discounted price to the buyer after deducting the septic tank repair or replacement costs.

Now the next question. Do home inspectors check Broad Run VA septic tanks? Yes. Most home inspectors also incorporate septic tank inspection into their services. However, remember that septic tank repairs and replacements are costly affairs. So it is always better to take proper care of your septic system by doing all scheduled maintenance works as recommended by the professionals at SES Mid Atlantic. The entire team at SES is highly experienced and skilled to carry out your septic tank maintenance. SES is one of only three businesses to be licensed as a Responsible Management Entity, and we assure you to perform your septic tank inspection at affordable rates.

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