Do You Need an SAP Inspection to Build a New Home in Fauquier, VA?

If you plan to work on a new residential development or conversion, please note that the Building Regulations require you to have a Safe, Adequate and Proper (SAP) calculation on the property. This forms part of the construction and design recommendations. In fact, it is a way to prove the environmental performance of the property. Please take note that the property owner needs the SAP inspection for you to build a new home for them in Fauquier, VA.

You’re encouraged to work with respective local building departments for excellent customer service and proper policy implementation. Once the local health department (LHD) receives your request notification together with your application from the local building official, they will review it for some time. You should receive feedback within 15 business days. If an application does not accompany the request, the LHD should contact the property owner for permission to allow their staff to conduct the required evaluation.

You Need an SAP Inspection to Build a New Home in Fauquier VA

The SAP inspection is necessary before building a new home. During the site visit, the local building staff need to craft a detailed field sketch. The sketch should have “triangulated” measurements to trace system components to the level possible. The staff may also carry out a site and soil evaluation to establish the depth of the soil-limiting features. 

If the previous records document does not comply with the current regulations for dispersion of septic tank effluent, the staff will have to determine that:

  1. There are no signs of sewage system failure
  2. The system’s installation was done according to the regulation in effect during the time of its installation 
  3. There’s no rise in the effluent flow or strength
  4. The sewage system can function properly

Factors That May Lead to Your Exemption from the SAP Inspection

The staff can contemplate an exemption from the inspection when: 

  1. The owner has operation and maintenance records for the past 5 years of the appeal for a building permit. 
  2. The owner reports that the recognized system components may cause some damages to system components
  3. The property owner has detailed field measurements for the septic tank’s location and distribution box. 
  4. Other factors outweigh the benefits of inspecting the system components. 

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With over thirty years of experience in the Northern Virginia and the Washington D.C. areas, SES has the deep knowledge and proficiency to ensure that your property’s inspection is done right. 

The company offers expert services like:

  • Environmental investigations
  • Stormwater management services
  • Soil interpretations, together with designing and installing various septic systems for both residential and commercial properties. 

We do our work based on environment and soil science practice. SES can also guide you through other approval processes necessitated by the health department. In fact, this immense experience has given us the trust and esteem from clients and regulatory agencies.

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