Septic Tanks Fairfax Virginia

Although Fairfax is an urban area, many homes still use a septic tank. If you have a home that uses a Fairfax VA septic tank, there are some things you can do to help the septic tank function correctly.

  1. Be careful of what chemicals you pour down the drain.
  2. Be sure you know ‘where’ the septic tank is.
  3. Look around the septic tank for excessive dampness or even sewage at surface level. This can mean a failing septic system.
  4. Have the system inspected.
  5. Most septic systems will need to be pumped at some point. Maintain the records so you can predict the interval.
  6. Protect the system – don’t plant trees on top of the septic system

If you have any concerns about your Fairfax VA Septic Tank – give SES a call, we will be glad to check the system and let you know what is going on.


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