Melting Snow Over Septic Tank In Northern Virginia

If you see snow and ice melting away from the ground over your Northern Virginia septic tank, should you be worried? Does this mean the septic tank is failing?

Unfortunately, melting snow is not a good indicator of a septic systems health. Septic tanks can sometimes warm the ground around them because of the natural action of the bacteria and enzymes in the tank. Also, the water going into the tank can also be warm from the house and can also heat the surrounding ground – causing the snow and ice to melt.

A better indicator of septic system health is the presence of mushy ground (when the rest of the yard is dry) and odors. Either of the symptoms can indicate a failing septic system and should be checked out.

If you are having concerns about your septic tank, SES can perform and inspection and let you know how the system is operating. Give us a call today.



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