Petroleum Tank Inspections & Testing

There are approximately 400,000 aboveground and underground home heating oil tanks in Virginia. Home owners and potential purchasers often ask what their responsibilities are for an old oil tank. Under Virginia law, the responsibility for a heating oil tank transfers with the ownership of the property. The laws are different for gas stations and large tanks and depend on several factors. There are several options available for dealing with an old oil tank some of which depend on whether or not it is leaking and where it is located. Local codes and regulations often dictate which options are available and can differ county to county. Ordinarily, tanks that are leaking must be removed unless the building structure prohibits it.
  • Emptying the tank and leaving it in place
  • Emptying the tank and filling it in place
  • Emptying the tank and removing it
  • Emptying the tank and replacing it with a new one

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