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Potential Hazards While Performing A Septic System Inspection in Fairfax VA

Fairfax VA Septic System Inspection

Once you have spent 10 years making septic system inspections in your Fairfax VA home you will likely become good at doing the whole process on autopilot. Regardless if you are making your first septic system inspection or your 105th, there are always going to be a few hazards to be aware of. Here is a reminder for the experienced and a headsup for the first timers.

Falling Into the Septic System

Yuck, we hope this never happens to you but it has happened to some unlucky souls before. The main cause of this is due to the septic system cover not being on for whatever reason and then a short day dream later you find yourself in the sludge and scum of the system. Keep an eye out when you approach the system.

Loose Ground Around The Septic System

The septic system is located below ground and the soil should be pretty strong in an around the immediate area but when severe storms come through the ground may lose some stability and may collapse if you stand in the wrong spot. If there has been a storm (or if you know the system is leaking into the soil, creating the same effect), double check your next step is not going to see you break an ankle.

Bad Smells

There is no fancy way to put it, a septic system is dealing with waste, including the stuff from your own body. If there is a blockage or the bacteria in the system is not breaking down the large solid waste as it normally does you will be in for quite a shock. Be aware that a bad smell is likely on the way, and the shock won’t be quite so dramatic.

These hazards may seem trivial but every year insurance companies receive claims for injuring themselves via achievements you did not think were possible. Septic system inspections in Fairfax VA should be trivial, just don’t forget about the innocent hazards.

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