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Catlett VA Well Water Testing: Septic Systems and Well Water

Catlett VA Well Water Test

Septic waste management can create challenges for homeowners seeking to protect their water supply in more rural communities such as Catlett VA. Well water testing on a regular basis can be a necessity to ensure safe drinking and bathing water.

Most rural communities do not have a common water supply. Homeowners often have to build and manage their own private wells and septic systems. There can be issues with liquid waste from septic systems entering the aquifer that supplies a homeowner’s well. Depending on the locations of homes to each other, this issue may not stem from one’s own home. It could come from other homes upslope from the home.

Liquid waste from a septic system follows the same path as rain and snowmelt, and once it reaches the water table can continue to flow down to lower points. When septic tank waste reaches a homeowner’s well water, there can be a number on contaminants introduced. One of the most common contaminants in this situation is E.coli, a fecal form of coliform bacteria.

In rural communities, we often find too older wells that may be shallow and thus more prone to contamination from septic waste. Likewise septic systems are not often well placed on the properties to mitigate these problems. Homeowners in rural communities may use septic systems as a means to discharge other waste products as well. You can see here that a potential toxic soup may result if these contaminants reach the water system. Such is homeowner challenges in rural communities like Catlett VA. Well water testing though can identify issues so that a homeowner can find resolutions.

It is important for those seeking to be new homeowners in rural communities to understand that many banks will not issue a mortgage without first having proof that the water is free of contaminants. The well and water can be treated to kill any bacteria and other toxins. This does not mean that your water supply is safe. This is something that will have to be monitored closely to make sure you continue to enjoy good health in your home in Catlett VA. Well water testing on a regular basis will be needed to ensure that there are no problems with the water source itself. If so, a water decontamination system will be needed to insure clean water for your family.

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