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4 Signs That Your Warrenton VA Septic Tank Needs Repairs

Regular septic tank cleaning is an important part of caring for your sewage treatment system in Warrenton, VA. Without a regular maintenance schedule a lot of problems will start popping up. And even if you are sticking with a schedule, sometimes these problems will still happen. It’s important to learn the signs of a failing septic tank so that you can be ready to take the right actions in a crisis.

The 4 biggest signs that something is wrong with your septic tank are as follows:

Strange wet spots in the yard

If you take a walk around your yard and notice parts of the land where the grass and soil is waterlogged this means that there is most likely a problem in the sewage pipes. Stay off the yard until the pipes are fixed, these areas of land can become temporary bio hazardous.

A bad smell lingering around the sewage system

If the septic tank or drain field smells really bad, then it’s probably time to call a septic tank cleaning company. If you have not had your tank cleaned in a while, the sludge will start to build up and can stop the system from doing its job.

Backed up sewage

Here in Warrenton, VA, we have noticed problems with pipes getting clogged and not letting the water and sewage flow properly. This causes a backup which results in many problems if it is not unclogged.

Toilets not flushing properly

If you notice the toilet making odd noises and yet the toilet tank seems fine, it could be a sign of a sewage problem.

Now that you know the main signs of sewage problems in Warrenton, VA you can be sure to keep an eye out for any oddities. Should any of these problems arise, be quick to call your septic tank cleaning company. The faster you call, the quicker we will be able to help. Don’t let the problem build up, as that will lead to even bigger repairs and can be detrimental to your health.

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