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Things to Know about Cooking Oil Recycling for your Northern Virginia Business

Business owners throughout Northern Virginia know about the benefits of recycling paper, plastic and other materials but recycling cooking oil may not come to mind. But in reality, the improper disposal of cooking oil is bad for the environment and may cause damage to the drinking water of Northern Virginia.

Even though the small amount of cooking oil from even a small restaurant or home can also harm wildlife and sewage systems. These interesting facts about cooking oil recycling may open your eyes a bit:

  • Cooking oil recycling fact: Cooking oil can be turned into biodiesel and produces 87 percent less emissions than traditional diesel.
  • Cooking oil recycling fact: Some businesses in other countries allow the transfer of used oil as currency for goods and services.
  • Cooking oil recycling fact: Both cooking oil and motor oil can be recycled, but must go through a different recycling process. Mixing the two types of oil makes results in the inability to recycle either type.
  • Cooking oil recycling fact: Creating a designated cooking oil recycling container makes the collection process easier and more convenient.
  • Cooking oil recycling fact: Grease, such as cooking oil, sticks to pipes when poured down the drain. Small particles will adhere to the oil and will eventually lead to a clogged drain.
  • Cooking oil recycling fact: When small amounts of cooking oil are put down the drain, use cold water to solidify the oil which will help wash it away and avoid the clogging issue.

For more information on cooking oil recycling in the Warrenton, VA area, contact the cooking oil recycling experts at SES. Serving all of Northern Virginia, including the Washington, D.C. metro area, our team of professionals is trained in cooking oil recycling processes to eliminate the waste without harming the environment.