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Is Iron in Well Water Harmful to Your Health?

Iron is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet and is essential to human health - it gives blood its red color and allows the blood to carry oxygen. So is iron in well water harmful to your health?

Iron in well water usually does not present a health problem, but it may signal that certain harmful, iron-feeding bacteria are present in the water. Iron may enter well water when water seeps through iron-bearing soil and rock and then moves into the well, or can result from the corrosion of iron pipes or casing.

Iron in well water can present such annoyances as stains on laundry, dishes, and plumbing fixtures. Iron can give water a metallic taste and can clog wells, pumps, and such household appliances as dishwashers. The most common indicator of iron in well water is yellow- or red-colored water.

Fortunately, iron can be removed from well water through such treatments as water softening, sediment filters, chemical treatment, or shock chlorination. For more information on removing iron from your Falls Church, Woodbridge, or Loudoun County well water, contact Soils and Environmental Services, Inc. Serving the Northern Virginia and Washington DC residential and commercial markets since 1987, Soils and Environmental Services, Inc. specializes in soil, petroleum, septic, and water services, as well as environmental assessments.