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SES is dedicated to making a difference in our community. Our organization inspires positive change and focuses on enriching the lives of others through the products and services we offer our clients.
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Compliance Regulations

Failure to have your alternative septic system inspected annually could result in fines. All Service Contracts Include Required Inspection and Maintenance.

Letters were mailed to all owners of alternative onsite sewage systems notifying them of the requirements for annual inspection and a relationship with a licensed operator. Call SES to schedule your inspection now.

The Fairfax County Health Department recently notified all owners of alternative onsite septic systems that they must retain a licensed operator to inspect these systems annually. Call SES to schedule your inspection now.

Alternative Septic System inspections are due by July 1, 2011. Call SES to schedule your inspection now.

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Innovative Solutions

E-Loo Systems SES is the Mid-Atlantic distributor of the E-Loo (Enviro Loo) non-discharge dry solar toilet. Approved in many states, the unit can be used as a stand alone sanitation system where water and sewer or septic are not available. This evaporative toilet is unique in that it separates liquids and solids resulting in quicker evaporation and no odor. The Eloo is not a conventional composting toilet but will operate anywhere that a composting toilet is used, only with less effort and no odor. Tested in many countries around the world the E-Loo is now available in the United States and Canada through SES.

Thousands of units have been installed over the world. Applications include:

  • Hunting and fishing cabins, parks, schools, acreages, camps, public buildings.
  • Failing septic systems.
  • Shoreline settings, recreational fields, municipal public sites and anywhere that sanitation is needed but there is no water.
  • If the situation calls for a bucket, pit or chemical toilet, the E-Loo is your best alternative.
  • The ground will not perc.

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Environmental Services

Petroleum Tank Inspections

SES has inspected, removed and installed thousands of above and underground petroleum storage tanks since 1992. We specialize in serving individual home-owners, small convenience stores, farms and medium sized petroleum companies. SES employs several approved methods to determine the integrity of the tank depending on the site conditions and other factors. Most of our clients who are purchasing real estate with underground petroleum storage tanks are equally interested in three things:

  • Is the integrity of the existing tank suitable?
  • What is the possibility of a leak in the future?
  • Is there any evidence of contamination?

Even if the existing tank is tight, significant contamination can occur from over-fill or spillage during filling. Another concern is that there was a leak from a previous tank in the same location that was ignored when the current tank was installed.

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